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Our Brands

Automatics Sealers

With over 30 years of manufacturing experience, Y-FANG is able to produce a wide range of tray sealing machines which include table top semi-automatic sealers and Floor based continuous sealers Supersealer sealing machines can perform a variety of functions such as auto-dropping, piston filling, date printing, vacuumising,and gas flushing (MAP:Modified Atmosphere Packaging). Supersealersare being used all over the world in Asia, India, Europe and the US. In the Indian market Supersealer machines have been working with leading food business houses since they year 2000.

Supersealers have been widely used in the Bakery, Sweets, Retort and frozen food industry and has proved to be one of the most reliable sealing solution.

Supersealer has a full line of Modified Atmosphere Packaging Equipment to meet every budget or application requirement. Sweets and food start-ups looking to extend shelf-life of food products can get entry level MAP machine which is very compact and competitively priced. It is capable of delivering good output with a residual oxygen level of below 0,5%.


Food Equipments

ANKO was founded in 1978 in Taiwan by Mr.Robert-Ou-Young. Anko has developed a wide range of machines for the food industry and provides very high quality food production solutions. Anko machines for Chinese foods, ethnic foods and for Indian foods are exported all over the world. Anko machines have been supplied to leading names in the Industry for Indian sweets like Rasgulla, gulabjamun portioning and rounding. Further several leading names in the Industry are using Anko machinery for their frozen food business to produce stuffed paratha, samosa, Spring roll and samosa pastry sheets, Momos, Vegetable cutting and steaming solutions.

Top Sealers

TOP SEALER has been offering a high quality and novel range of Manual Top Sealing machines for cups and trays which is being widely used by restaurants ,Sweets Shops and fast food outlets. We are also the first to innovate and launch lever based sealing mechanism for multi-comparment meal trays for offering excellent sealing results. Topsealers are very durable, heavy duty and have a long life over sealers being offered by our competitors.

Who We Are

Topline Food equipment LLP started its journey in 2000 with the aim of modernizing and assisting the Food and ethnic products business in India. We started with the representation of Y-Fang Sealing machines, Taiwan (Brand SUPERSEALER) to offer top sealing of plastic trays and cups. SUPERSEALER was specialising in Semi-Automatic and fully automatic top sealing machinery. SUPERSEALER is also offering technology to extend shelf life of sweets and bakery products using Vacuum and MAP technology to extend the benefit of this technology to the retail segment.
TOPLINE also brought the first Manual sealing machines for plastic cup and trays under its own brand TOPSEALER. The introduction of this sealer was to offer affordable sealers to the QSR segment. Over the years the range of Manual sealers was also expanded to increase its applications in various areas of food business
We also represent Anko Food machines from Taiwan ANKO is well established and a Global supplier of Food machinery for manufacturing a wide variety of foods. Anko supplies machinery for the complete range of Chinese Foods and ethnic foods. ANKO machinery were used in automation of rasgulla, Gulab Jamun for canning. In the frozen food segment customers were able to use ANKO machinery to produce Samosa, stuffed parathas, spring roll and samosa pastry sheet, momos and Kachori.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to assist, Guide and Support our customers in the most judicious manner that they benefit most from our equipment and technical Support.

Our Team

Team is an innate part of our organization, which enables us to cater to the diverse need of the food industry. Our team comprise of dedicated and experienced professionals who work in close coordination with each other to build cordial relationship with client

Our Team Comprise of:

  • Technocrats
  • Engineers
  • Quality Controller and auditor
  • Research Associates
  • Sales Executive
The equipments are subjected to strict vigilance from our quality auditor who ensures flawless functioning of them without causing any inconvenience at the users end. The team provides technical and after sales service for the equipment installed with customers.

Our Service Policy:

The customer is provided following service package from Top line:
  • Installation support
  • Guidance and Training For Proper Use of Machines
  • Break-Down Support
  • Spare parts stock
Further we are always happy to train the customer and to support their technical team as we do not want to make money from servicing. Customers are welcome to call us on phone to solve their technical problems and if it still requires we are glad to depute our engineers to help them overcome their problems.

Why Us?

The factors which distinguish us from competition are:
  • High quality products
  • Customized solutions
  • Prompt Delivery
  • Competitive pricing
  • Ethical Business Practices

Quality Objective

Quality is an integral part of our organization and our overseas associates are also highly quality conscious. We have qualified engineers and have CAD facilities to support our ideas of quality. All equipments undergo a QC check at our Warehouse to see that the customer gets a perfect product after it has been delivered from our end.

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